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On the following pages are Questions that we are frequently asked about who we are and our goals as American Metis.

are the metis nation of the united states a band of Indians?

The answer is no! The Metis Nation Of The United States is not a tribe of Indians. Nor are we wannabe`s. We are Metis (mixed-blood). As Metis people of today,we are like the other nations in the world. Today we represent a mixture of genetic heritage. Our identity lies in our collective life,our history,ancestry,culture,values,traditions and ties to the land, rather than a "race". We do not fit totally in either world,but we live in both.

Are we American metis recognized by our government?

The answer is no! Over the centuries the Metis people have developed into a distinct ethnic race of North American People. But we are not! recognized by the United States Goverment. Nor are we recognized by the Canadian Goverment as a tribe or as Indians.

Are there other metis besides American metis?

The answer is yes! By the Constitution Act of 1982,section 35,the Canadian Federal Government recognized the Metis people of Canada as an Aboriginal people.

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